About Place


ver the years, the projects I’ve worked on include national award winning TV spots, online videos, feature-length and short docs, national corporate and non-profit video, reality TV and scripted travel shows, shorts and feature films. I have played the role of Producer most often, but also Director (doc/vérité style), COO, Field Interviewer, Senior Project Manager, 1st A.D., Grip, Location Manager, Rough Cut Editor (Avid & FCP), TelePrompter, and Client Service. I have experience in location scouting, casting, managing two small production companies, and even driving a big ol’ grip truck. Some of the channels I’ve worked for include BBC Worldwide (Top Gear and Richard Hammond’s Crash Course), The SyFy Channel (Storm War), The Canadian Food Network (The Opener), BNN (out of Holland, BNN Abroad), TLC (Cajun Paranormal), and The History Channel (Investigation Discovery). In the corporate/non-profit sector, I have worked with companies such as Celebration Foods, Travelers Insurance, Kurn Hattin Homes, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (founded by Paul Newman), Universities such as UPenn, Harvard, and Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, and small business entrepreneurs, as well. 

Crewing up?

In the ad agency world, I’ve been lucky enough to work as staff on the production teams of the three ad giants Arnold Worldwide, Digitas, and TBWA/Media Arts Lab, as well as a freelance producer for smaller agencies and production companies in the Northeast and French Louisiana. I also enjoyed working as Manager of Creative Services at Post Haste Digital, where I worked with clients such as Warner Bros., Netflix, and many indie filmmakers, as well as a short stint as Episodic Producer at Company 3 in Los Angeles on a well known, but NDA’d show and client.

On the creative side, I adore the process of visual storytelling. I’m passionate, work hard, love being part of a team and consider my work a form of play. While producer skills run in my veins, I also love directing and shepherding the creative growth of a project through to its final stages. After the pre-production and production stages, I can hardly wait to come back to the edit room to go through the post process and see the footage come alive. Another one of the most interesting parts of my experience has been having the opportunity to interview hundreds of people from Fortune 100 CEO’s to average Joe’s, and to work in so many different genres of production. I’ve also been lucky enough to collaborate with (and learn from) some of the most extraordinary, creative, talented (and just plain ol’ fun) people in the business, and well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that – it’s really been a blast. 

In my free time, I am chipping away on my own labor of love – a podcast about our biological drive to PLAY, and how it relates to our brain development, innovation and creativity, and humanity’s powerful pursuit of happiness.

My strongest skills are exceptional organization, problem solving, leading a team, shepherding projects, interviewing show subjects (and finding the story), type-A work ethic – and growing lasting relationships with my clients and teams.

Please find a sample credits list here, and feel free to request a resume or references if you’d like as well. I will be quite happy to oblige. Thank you kindly for stopping by and for your time. (If you’re a glutton for punishment, or just curious about who I am outside of my work experience, you’ll find a few random facts below).


I have lived in 57 places in my life so far, including Boston, MA, East Providence, RI, a backpack in Europe, San Diego, CA, the arm of Cape Cod, French Louisiana, the Gold Coast of Australia, Los Angeles, CA, Mount Pleasant, NY (45 minutes north of NYC), and now am delighted to back in Los Angeles to stay. After all the marvelous years of adventures, I’ve learned deep down California is truly my home.

My favorite places ever visited are Prague, New Zealand’s south island, the whole of Japan, Argentina, San Francisco, and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. The only continent I’ve yet to visit is good ol’ Antarctica! Some day, maybe.

I care deeply about this planet of ours and all the humans that inhabit it, and am passionate about education and social justice the world over. I also believe that compassion and humanity are powerful tools, and free to give in excess. 

In college, I worked a freelance gig where I wore a Dunkin Donuts cup costume, with huge orange shoes and 4-finger gloves, and danced and waved to passers-by. *Photo evidence avail.

Though I am left-handed, I (sort of) play guitar righty.

I secretly want to be an astronaut, and if given the chance to go to adult space camp – would totally take it.

I have sky-dived, snorkled reef, sang under waterfalls, swam in volcanic craters, and tried my hand at trapeze (albeit to the laughter of friends and bystanders).

I most value in another generous philanthropy, and hope to find more opportunities to give back, when my wildly successful career makes me loads of dough to share.

I love comedy and jokes, but will, no matter what, tell the punchline at the wrong place. (This includes knock-knock jokes).

At any given time of day, I will always be found craving chocolate and adventure.

Simplicity is one of my favorite words. I consider myself a minimalist, but am an avid collector of experiences. And laughs.

I once got lost on an island, in a rainforest, trying to make my way to a secluded beach I read about.

Among my minimal treasured possessions is a collection of different old keys. Since childhood (and still) I like to imagine the stories that might accompany each one.

My weaknesses are good food, indie film, lindy-hopping, rock-climbing, stand-up comedy, & fearlessly silly people. I also love a good safari (and animals in general).

I adore being creative, but also secretly love lists.