*Please find a sample credits list of my various work experience below, and feel free to request a resume or references if you’d like as well. I will be quite happy to oblige. Thank you kindly for stopping by.  


Director/Producer  – Series of 10 3D Photorealistic Tool Animations and International Marketing Videos – Client: MAP Oil Tools (June 2014 – Feb 2015)

Director/Producer  – Doc Style National Video Project: “Family Businesses – Tabasco” – Client: Mashable and American Express (June 2014)

Director/Producer  – Brand Explainer Video & International Sales Piece – Client: MDM Tool Supply (Apr-June 2014)

Director/Broadcast Producer  – 2 Broadcast Television Commercials – Agency: Calzone & Associates and Louisiana Convention & Visitors Commission/Lafayette Travel (May 2014)

Broadcast Producer  – Cullen’s Playland Spring TV Campaign – Client: Cullen’s Playland (April 2014)

Director/Producer – 3 Broadcast TV Spots “Swing Ninjas” “For Your Eyes Only” “00V7” – Client: Rok Haus Climbing Gym (Jan. 2014)

Director/Producer  – 3D Animation International Marketing Piece – Client: Aluminium Offshore (Singapore) (Jan 2014 – Feb 2015)

Director/Producer  – 2 HD Video Projects – Clients: Tobacco Free Living and the State of Louisiana (Aug – Nov 2013)

Director/Producer  – International Branding Video – Clients: CenTrak and Skytron (July 2013)

Director/Producer  – HD Video and Custom Animation Project – Client: Moncus Energy Group (July 2013)

Director/Producer – Custom Animation Project – Client: Strata Control Services LLC. (May 2013)

Field Producer – “Cajun Paranormal” – Show: National Reality Series for TLC Network – Client: ITV Studios, (Produced but canceled due to similar show airing elsewhere), (Mar. – Apr. 2013)

Field Producer – “BNN Abroad: SSA” – Show: International Travel Show/Series for BNN, Dutch National Broadcasting Network, (Mar. 2013)

Director/Producer – Series of 16 TV commercials (HD Video and Custom Animation) – Client: Chabill’s Tire Traxx (Dec. 2012 – Mar. 2013)

Director/Field Producer – “Prospecting USA” – Show: Scripted Series Pilot (April-Sept 2012)

Casting Producer – Health Spot – :30 TV spot – Agency: Vidox (Sept. 2012)

TelePrompter – Political TV Spots – Agency: Holbrook Multimedia (Sept. 2012)

1st A.D.- Legal Documentary – Client: NDA (Spring 2012)

Director/Producer – “What is AOC?” Non-profit Video Piece – Client: AOC & Cite des Artes (Mar./Apr. 2012)

Scriptwriter – Hoshizaki, International Video Presentation Piece – Client: Hoshizaki (Mar. 2012)

Field Producer – “BNN Abroad: Mardi Gras in Louisiana” – Show: International Travel Show/Series for BNN, Dutch National Broadcasting Network, (Feb./Mar. 2012)

Producer/Co-Director/Editor – “StoryPalooza” PSA’s :30 & :60 – Client: Symphony & Music Conservatory, AOC & Cite des Arts Collaboration (Mar. 2012)

Location Scout – “BNN Abroad: Purity Balls” – Show: International Travel Show/Series for BNN, Dutch National Broadcasting Network, (Feb. 2012)

Field Production Coordinator – “Unusual Suspects: Murderous Intentions” – Show: Network Television Show for Investigation Discovery – Client: LMNO Productions (Jan. 2012)

Location Scout/Manager – “Unusual Suspects: Murderous Intentions” – Show: Network Television Show for Investigation Discovery– Client: LMNO Productions (Jan. 2012)

Script Writer – IceX, Video for National FEMA Presentation – Client: IceX (Jan. 2012)

Producer/Director – Series of 16 Railroad Safety & Training Videos (with accompanying Instructor & Participants Guides) – Client: SGS (Oct.-Dec. 2011)

Grip – Hospital TV Spot, Baton Rouge – Agency: DigitalFX (Nov. 2011)

Art Department – Rouse’s TV Spot – Agency: Vidox (Oct. 2011)

Broadcast Producer – Hospital TV Spot – Agency: BBR Creative (Oct. 2011)

Producer/Location Scout – Political TV Spot, LA – Agency: NDA (Sept. 2011)

Grip – Series of Political TV Spots, LA – Agency: NDA (Sept. 2011)

Grip – “Lafayette Exposed” Reality Show – Agency: Potenza! Creative (Sept. 2011)

Grip – Political TV Spot, Lake Charles – Client: WBRZ Productions (Sept. 2011)

Grip – September 11th Commemorative Video – Client: WBRZ Productions (Sept. 2011)

Production Coordinator – “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” – Show: Reality Show for BBC Worldwide, (Aug.-Sept. 2011)

Grip – Cajun Ambassador Comedy shoot – Client: Arsement Media Group (Aug 2011)

Grip – “Moving to Lafayette” :30 TV spot – Agency: DigitalFX (Aug 2011)

Producer/Director – “Sneak Peek of Youngsville” – Agency: Holbrook Multimedia Group (June/July 2011)

Producer/1st AD – “Pride” ‘These People” “You Could Be Here” “Horses Mouth” 4 x :30 Acadian Contractors TV spots – Agency: Holbrook Multimedia Group (July 2011)

Grip – :30 TV spot with Saints player Randall Gray – Client: Synergy Productions (July 2011)

Jib Operator – “Outrageous Kid Parties” – Show: Reality Show for The Learning Channel (TLC), (May 2011) 

Grip – iPad Integration (Video for Fortune 100 Company) – Client: Synergy Productions (May 2011)

Key Grip – World Conference Introduction (Video for Fortune 500 Company) – Client: NDA (May 2011)

Production Assistant – “Top Gear” – Show: Reality Show for BBC – Client: Sun Never Sets Productions (April 2011)

Field Producer – “Shooters” – Show: Reality Show Pilot – Client: Flying Flounder Productions (Feb./Mar. 2011)

Associate Producer – Cajun Documentary (working title), (Dec. 2010 – Feb. 2011)

Grip – :30 Political Spots (series) – Agency: Arsement Media Group (Jan.-Feb. 2011)

Still photographer – CETCO Training Videos – Client: Vision Video Productions (Dec. 2010)

Host Assistant – “The Opener” – Show: Doc/vérité-style show for the Canadian Food Network – Client: Frantic Films (Oct.-Nov. 2010)

Grip – Judge Keaty :30 Broadcast TV Spot – Agency: Arsement Media Group (Sept. 2010) 

PA – “Storm War” (Formerly “Weather Wars”) – Feature Film: for the SyFy Channel, (Sept. 2010)

Producer/1st A.D. – “Transform the Every Day” National Cinema Spot – Client: Celebration Foods (May 2010)

Director/Producer/Interviewer – “I.C.E. Summit” (Celebration Foods National Summit Video) – Client: Celebration Foods (April 2010)

1st A.D. – “Fake” – Feature Film: Director: Greg Friedle, Producer: Kenneth Del Vecchio, (July-Oct. 2009)

Producer/Interviewer – “Bridging the Understanding Gap” National Piece – Client: Mass Mutual (July 2009)

Producer/Co-Director/Co-Editor – Careers in Energy & Green Jobs – Client: Connecticut Business & Industry Association (2009)

Producer/Director for 200+ doc/verité style video shoots for Motion Incorporated (2007-2010)

2nd A.D. – “Serial Buddies” – Feature Film: Director: Keven Undergaro, Producer: Maria Menounos, (July 2009)

Director/Producer/Writer – “Planet” – Short Film, Boston (2009)

Co-Director/Line Producer/Interviewer – “Breaking Down Barriers” Travelers National EDGE Video – Client: Travelers Insurance (2009)

1st A.D./Associate Producer/B-unit Director – “Kurn Hattin: The Gift of Childhood” Kurn Hattin Homes Fundraising Doc – Client: Kurn Kattin Homes (2007 – 2009) 

Director/Producer – “Manufacturing” Trumpf Manufacturing Video – Client: Trumpf Manufacturing (2009) 

Director/Producer – “Time Will Tell” Celebration Foods National Award Video – Client: Celebration Foods (2009)

Director/Producer – 2 dozen+ Nationally Reaching Educational Videos for The Channing Bete Co., some of which include:

Energy Conservation, 2010

Breast Feeding, 2010

CPR, 2009

Succeeding in Your Job Search, 2009

Quitting Smoking, 2008

Transitioning to High School, 2008

Asthma & Healthy Weight, 2007

Healthy Pregnancy, 2007

1st A.D./Producer – “Opportunities” Fortune 100 Company: Travelers National Recruitment – Client: Travelers (2008)

Grip/PA – “Alzheimer’s Disease: Facing the Facts” – PBS Feature Documentary, Regional Emmy Winner, (2009) 

Director/Producer – “Field of Ice Creams” Celebration Foods video piece – Client: Celebration Foods (2008)

Producer/Co-Director/Editor (Forensics segment) – Careers in Health & Bio-Sciences – Client: Connecticut Business & Industry Association, (2008)

Grip for 200+ doc/verité style video shoots for Motion Incorporated (2007-2010)

Director/Producer – “Time Will Tell” – Short Film: 48 Hour Film Project, Boston (2008)

Producer/Assistant Director (creative)/Assistant Editor/Writer – Careers in Engineering – Client: Connecticut Business & Industry Association (2007)

Assistant Broadcast Producer/Producer – 300+ Nationally reaching TV & Radio spots, some of which include:

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Hug (AdAge Best Spot 9/06) – Agency: Arnold (2006)

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Chicken Ladies (Starring Mindy Lee Sterling) – Agency: Arnold (2006)

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Wrapper  – Agency: Arnold (2006)

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Fence (Starring the Williams Sisters in partnership with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) – Agency: Arnold (2005)


1st Acadiana Adventure Festival: Founder, Producer, Executive Director (Q4 of 2012 & Q1 2013, Event Date: March 2013)
*The 1st Acadiana Adventure Festival was a community event I founded and produced, celebrating organizations that make people’s lives just a little more full, fulfilling or just more fun. It included food trucks of all sorts, live music, a guest speaker and 100’s of raffle give-aways, from airplane flying lessons to full on adventure packages. Some of the organizations I partnered with included S.C.U.B.A. diving organizations, martial arts, kayakers, SUP paddle-boarders, sky-diving groups, filmmakers, belly-dancers, musicians, rock climbing groups, swing dancing groups, swimming, sportsman/outdoorsman activities, cycling, tai chi, language groups, roller derby, adult group sports teams, etc. I closed the evening by showing an adventure film outside under the stars, that was currently making the rounds on the current festival circuit: Reel Rock Tour. All proceeds from my event benefited the local cancer hospital: Miles Perret Cancer Center. It was A HUGE amount of work, outside of my normal work commitments, but very rewarding and a blast for those that participated. 
The Lafayette Swing Dance Society: Executive Director (Oct. 2010 – Jan. 2013)
Acadiana Center for the Arts: Film Curator, Producer & Host (Dec. 2010 – May 2011) 
The Station: Art House Cinema Series: Founder, Film Curator, Producer & Host (Nov. 2010 – Sept. 2012)
*The Station was a mini-art-house cinema series I founded in 2010, with full community events and local business partnerships. I brought to the public a mixture of foreign films, documentaries, classics, indies (some fresh off the festival circuit) and just damn-good filmmaking. I also produced events such as our Local Artisan Night where we had a fair with local artisans selling their wares, entertainment, food, the works (and of course a great film), Bike-In Movie Night (which was like a drive-in movie event, but much cooler) complete with hot local food, our large biking community, homemade film-themed gelato from a local gelato master, bike-related raffle prizes and a full sky of stars overhead, among several other great events. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.