Crystal Place - Voice Over Artist


fter more than a decade of 
working as a producer, I came to realize that, while I love my job and enjoy producing projects from start to finish, I also delight in using my voice – interpreting and creating – to tell a story or interpret a script. The way that some musicians just enjoy playing their instrument after a long day, I delight in playing with my voice to get just the right tone – whisper, smile, sarcasm, warmth, joy, concern, excitement, sincerity, humor, depth – that my clients want for their projects. I have a handful of clients that send me scripts when they have a fitting role to fill, and it is a fun, creative outlet for me outside of work. I enjoy collaborating with them to give them everything they were hoping for when their projects grew and flourished in their imaginations.

If you have a project you’d like voice work for, please feel free to drop me a line and tell me about it! When my schedule allows, I’m always happy to provide you with your own free custom audition upon request.

Thanks for stopping by. :]


Hi! I’m Crystal.

It’s always nice to have a face with a voice,

so here I am.


How’s your day going?