About Place

In my long career,

I’ve worked on countless projects, all involving content creation of some kind. After many years of working as a producer for instructional and promotional videos, and nearly all types of creative and visual content, I learned my real passion lies in creating content that solves problems and helps others to grow. In fact, for many years I didn’t even know what an Instructional Designer was, but it turned out that I was performing many of the job functions already. And these were the parts of my work I truly enjoyed the most. Once I made the shift to add thoughtful and effective instructional design to my wheelhouse, I realized it combined all my strengths and interests, and fit like a really good pair of pants.

I get a tremendous sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction when a course I’ve built or a video or audio project I’ve produced has actually changed others’ lives for the better – or helped a company solve a complex problem with meaningful results. It’s a thrilling and satisfying career, which I intend to have for a long time to come.

I’ve always loved learning and sharing knowledge, and combining my content creation skills and creativity with full instructional design responsibilities has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Once I decided to combine the two, I dove into adult learning theories and learned them backwards and forwards. I learned the software required for the job, and I sought out any knowledge gaps I might be missing – and dedicated to filling each of them, thoroughly and one by one. I was also lucky enough to do an apprenticeship with an experienced Director of Global Learning. He recognized the overlap of all my skills and the learning content tasks I had been doing for years, and helped me to become a more well rounded ID, with real value to offer my clients and teams.

Learning and Development Experience:

Much of my learning and development work has been for HR and L&D departments, for big and small organizations, corporate and non-profit. This might mean creating softer skills training, such as leadership training, workplace culture, helping to mentor team members, DEI, or growing your emotional intelligence. Other times I’ve been tasked with creating training content for more tangible skills, such as how to use the benefits portal or a new technology, such as RFID, safety training, a specific sales or process, or a new intranet system.

Learners often feel an apprehension when an organization chooses to unveil a new work tool or process, and I love creating training that helps give learners the skills, knowledge, and confidence to grow and adapt – and to begin using their new tools with ease in their every day work.

My strongest skills are:

exceptional organization, analysis and problem solving, creating engaging, beautiful, and fun eLearning, shepherding teams and projects, storytelling, compassion and emotional intelligence, and growing lasting relationships with my clients and colleagues.

I am experienced in the use of the ADDIE model, Mayer’s Principles of Multimedia Learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Kirkpatrick’s Model. And I’m always taking a new course, webinar, or training on the side to further my professional development. I love creating learning solutions that are visually pleasing and provide measurable results for my clients – affecting learners behavior and my clients’ business goals and bottom lines. I’m also passionate about using gamification elements to make learning more effective, long-lasting, and, well, actually fun, too! I even participate in a weekly gamification community event where I work with other ID professionals, and we share and play with the newest gamification tools.

Combining play and learning is particularly fascinating to me. I’ve been studying the importance of play in our learning, health, and well being for years, have even interviewed the founder of the National Institute for Play, Dr. Stuart Brown, for a podcast of mine, and have worked on several play related projects, so having the opportunity to use it in my work now is just so rewarding.

Let’s dive into some work!

Please find my portfolio for your perusal by clicking here, and please feel free to request a resume or references if you’d like as well. I will be quite happy to oblige. Thank you kindly for stopping by and for your time. (If you’re a glutton for punishment, or just curious about who I am outside of my work experience, you’ll find a few random facts below).


I’ve lived in many interesting places in my life so far, including Boston, a backpack in Europe, Cape Cod, the Gold Coast of Australia, French Louisiana, San Diego, the Hamlet of Thornwood in Mount Pleasant, NY (an hour north of NYC), and Los Angeles, CA. While I’m so grateful for my years of marvelous adventures, they’ve also helped me to see that California is truly my forever home.

My favorite places ever visited are Prague, New Zealand’s south island, the whole of Japan, Argentina and Patagonia, and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. The only continent I’ve yet to visit is good ol’ Antarctica! Some day, maybe.

I care deeply about this planet of ours and all the humans that inhabit it, and am passionate about education and social justice the world over. I also believe that compassion and humanity are powerful tools, and free to give in excess. 

In college, I worked a freelance gig where I wore a Dunkin Donuts cup costume, with huge orange shoes and 4-finger gloves, and danced and waved to passers-by. *Photo evidence avail.

Though I am left-handed, I (sort of) play guitar righty.

I secretly want to be an astronaut, and if given the chance to go to adult space camp – would totally take it.

I have sky-dived, snorkled reef, sang under waterfalls, swam in volcanic craters, and tried my hand at trapeze (albeit to the laughter of friends and bystanders).

I most value in another generous philanthropy, and hope to find more opportunities to give back, when my wildly successful career makes me loads of dough to share.

I love comedy and jokes, but will, no matter what, tell the punchline at the wrong place. (This includes knock-knock jokes).

At any given time of day, I will always be found craving chocolate and adventure.

Simplicity is one of my favorite words. I consider myself a minimalist, but am an avid collector of experiences. And laughs.

I once got lost on an island, in a rainforest, trying to make my way to a secluded beach I read about.

Among my minimal treasured possessions is a collection of different old keys. Since childhood (and still) I like to imagine the stories that might accompany each one.

My weaknesses are riveting adventure stories, apt and clever analogies, lindy-hopping, stand-up comedy, and fearlessly silly people. I also love a good safari, (and, well, anything involving happy animals of any kind).

I adore being creative, but also secretly love lists.