Video: Tabasco Iconic Brand Story

Project Summary:

  • Project: Brand Storytelling Video for client, Mashable
  • Video Length: 4 minutes
  • Responsibilities: Full pre-production planning, location scouting, interview prep, client management, shot planning, budgeting, hiring crew, on set producing and directing, interviewing corporate executive, and full post-production management
  • Target Audience: Mashable readers interested in learning the background stories of national and iconic brands
  • Tools Used: Full video production lighting and HD camera equipment, voice casting software, Adobe Premier, Google Suite, and Avid Pro Tools

I was hired to produce this video for my client, Mashable in partnership with American Express. It was part of a larger Mashable series “talking shop” and “educating” the public on the background stories of national and iconic brands. This video was shot on Avery Island in Louisiana, and inside the historic residences of the company’s family founders.

Video for Mashable “Talking Shop” Series – Learning About America’s Iconic Brands:

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