Course: Growing Your Emotional Intelligence

Project Summary:

  • Course Title: “Growing Your Emotional Intelligence”
  • Course Length: Part 1: 60 min, Part 2: 30 min.
  • Responsibilities: Instructional Design, SME collaboration, research, scriptwriting, eLearning development
  • Target Audience: North American managers and employees
  • Tools Used: Storyline 360, Articulate Rise 360, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Snip and Sketch, Google Suite, Canva

This course introduces learners to Emotional Intelligence, often measured and referred to as “EQ.” It teaches the main components of EQ and its benefits, as well as valuable knowledge, skills, and helpful tools for growing each component of one’s emotional intelligence. It also includes scenario-based learning and skill building activities, insights and examples, and interactive exercises to prompt deeper reflection and improved mastery of the knowledge and skills taught.

The resources section of the course includes additional handouts and worksheets, videos, websites, and books for learners to continue their learning, should they wish to do so after completion of the course.

Analysis Note:

During my analysis phase of the ADDIE process, I learned that the three biggest challenges and knowledge gaps for our intended learners were difficulty in:

understanding and managing their own emotions, especially during highly charged moments

understanding and using empathy effectively, and

perspective taking with others leading to more productive outcomes in interactions with them

Based on these needs, this course solution includes a deeper dive into these 3 areas, while also laying a strong groundwork for improving the learners’ overall emotional intelligence. The analysis drove the design stage and the rationale for making sure to include multiple “choose your own adventure” scenario-based learning activities, within real world-like settings. It also includes interactive exercises to engage learners and strengthen learning comprehension, testing, and practice of the key topics learned.

Design Approach:

In terms of design, I used a color scheme based on my cultural audience and the course’s topic and content. When determining my course color schemes, I always keep in mind that colors are a powerful part of learning, too. Certain colors based on cultural setting have different feelings and connotations associated with them – and this can either help or sometimes hinder learning. I love this neat cultural color resource tool, and keep it in my toolkit when I’m designing learning solutions for my clients.

Here are a just few screenshots of the interactive activities and learning modules in this course:

In order to reduce cognitive load, I use effective adult learning theory “rules” as my guides, including content chunking, using complimentary visuals, and including thoughtful, intermittent knowledge check activities. Following these and other principles of multimedia learning allows for greater engagement and deeper learning retention for our learners.

Supplementary materials were created and accessible at the end of the course. Their purpose was to give learners take-home tools to help support and sustain their learning, and to inspire and strengthen their real life practice, long after the course is completed.

Formative evaluation was done throughout the ADDIE process to ensure content was tailored appropriately to learners’ needs. Post implementation, the summative evaluation, which was based on surveys of learners and management feedback, showed a retention of knowledge from learners who took this course and noticeable behavior changes after completing the course.

Scenario-Based Learning:

Scenario-based learning activities, such as those included in this course, can be powerful learning tools. They really allow learners to practice what they’ve learned in an imaginative environment that simulates real world situations. Scenario-based learning can allow for greater understanding of concepts and learning retention, as it includes real choices the learner can make, inspires deeper emotional connection to the content, and after participation, is remembered more as an experience than a story told to them.

Take a look at one of the scenario-based activities from this course below, which is based on a cognitive tool taught called R.A.I.N. Certainly, interacting with the learning module yourself is much more interactive than just watching someone click through it, but it’s still one way to get a glimpse of the activity.

*(Keep in mind that the activity plays much smoother and the quality is much higher in the real project, however the way Storyline renders out video screen capture is lower resolution and can be a bit flickery now and then). You may also just take the full length course, if you like, by clicking here.

All Devices Welcome:

This course is also optimized for all viewing settings, and can be taken on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The course automatically loads for optimal viewing on whatever device is best for each learner.

Experience the Course:

➨ You can experience this full course by viewing the project here. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete Part 1, and 30 minutes to complete Part 2. It is recommended to do this course in 2 sittings with a short break or a day in between.

If you choose to take it, I hope you find great benefit and enjoyment from the experience. If you have any questions or thoughts, I’d love to hear them anytime. Evaluation never ends and all feedback is good feedback in my book! Drop me a line anytime.

If you are representing an organization who would like to use this EQ course for your employees or have it modified to suit your specific needs, I can be reached at the link above to discuss licensing costs and bespoke options.

I am also happy to provide deep discounts, or completely free if needed, to worthy non-profits or organizations whose mission it is to help the less privileged and oppressed in our society, and those who are working to protect our planet and the precious, beautiful places we all hold dear. I am happy to wrap and deliver the course as a SCORM package to be used directly in your LMS (Learning Management System).

Learner Testimonials:

“This is the best compilation of emotional intelligence learning I have ever seen. It’s beautiful, so interactive, fun and inviting, and as a mental health professional with 40+ years experience, I can say that even I learned multiple lessons from this course. Just WOW.” -Wendy B., LSW

“This course is amazing. It’s well-arranged, interactive, engaging, and beautiful. It is top-tier eLearning.” -Ryan J., Learning Manager

“You know, I always thought I had a high emotional intelligence and that I had great empathy for others, but after taking this course, my EQ has significantly improved. Talk about blind spots and not realizing what you don’t know! There were many ideas presented in this course that are just life-changing. Taking it has changed the way I interact with literally everyone in my life. Thank you!” -Claris C., Production Manager


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