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“Who is this Crystal Place anyway? Isn’t that an English football league?”

Close! But no. :]


 would say simply that I am a storyteller and an adventurer at heart – though some call me a ProducerVoice ArtistFilmmakerLaughter Yoga Teacher and, sometimes, a few other things. I got “the itch” for storytelling and production a decade or so ago, caught the “travel bug” around the same time, and am quite happy to spend a few more decades filling my time with both (with a side of joy). I recently just finished a trip around the world, which was pretty darn fun, and it might sound crazy, but I’m actually missing work!

When I’m not working on a production team bringing projects to life (or helping my clients to do the same), in the studio recording, or making groups of unsuspecting cancer patients or corporate clients laugh themselves silly in a LY Workshop – I can usually be found planning a group event of some kind, making a decadent new chocolate dessert, rock-climbing, reading, or swing-dancing (lindy-hoppin’ to be precise). I’m also a proud member of the Board of Directors for the meaningful and important organization Take Back Your Time. I thrive in creative settings and places where I may need to wear many hats. Bring on the hats.

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