Thanks for stopping by and Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

“Who is this Crystal Place anyway? Isn’t that an English football league?”

Close! But no. :]

I  would say simply that I am a storyteller and an adventurer at heart – though some call me a Producer/DirectorVoice Artist, Filmmaker, Laughter Yoga Teacher and, sometimes, a few other things. I got “the itch” for storytelling and consummate playing a decade or so ago, caught the “travel bug” around the same time, and am quite happy to spend a few more decades filling my time with both (with a side of joy).

When I’m not working on a production team bringing projects to life, in the studio recording, or making groups of unsuspecting cancer patients or corporate clients laugh themselves silly in a LY Workshop – I can usually be found planning a group event of some kind, traveling around the world, making a decadent new chocolate dessert, rock-climbing, reading, or swing-dancing (lindy-hoppin’ to be precise). I’m also a proud member of the Board of Directors for the meaningful and important organization Take Back Your Time, and I am passionate about community building, giving back, and the profound power of play in learning and connecting people.

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