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“Who is this Crystal Place anyway? Isn’t that an English football league?”

Close! But no. :]

I am an Instructional Designer and Consultant, who began my career as a Video Producer creating training videos and other content for more than 17 years. I took my strengths and passions of that role and my love of learning and teaching, and adjusted course to find my forever home as an Instructional Designer.

Using the skills I honed over those 17 years, along with my knowledge and training in instructional design and development, I now find joy and fulfillment in creating trainings that are highly effective, visually pleasing, and provide measurable results for my clients. I’m also passionate about the subject, so am always reading a new book, watching a video, or taking a class on the side to learn more. The truth is, there’s always more to learn for all of us – which is great, because I’ll never run out of work to do!

As an Instructional Designer, following the ADDIE process, I utilize adult learning theories in all of my analysis and design, as well as other proven tools, such as Action Mapping, purposeful segmenting, scenario based training, gamification, and thoughtful, theory based assessments. This ensures my courses consistently increase my learners’ knowledge and skills, and most importantly, affect measurable changes in behavior that directly affect my clients’ business goals and bottom lines.

When I’m not instructional designing, I can usually be found planning a community volunteer event of some kind, making a decadent new chocolate dessert, rock-climbing, reading, practicing my amateur photography (note the few photos above), or swing-dancing (lindy-hoppin’ to be precise).

I thrive in creative settings where I’m constantly learning and having a meaningful impact every day, and I most enjoy helping others to recognize their own potential to learn and grow. I’ve always loved Mr. Ralph Emerson’s quote, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” Isn’t that great? We all have potential, and I love helping to show others theirs.

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