*[Photo credit: Nick Morrison, Unsplash]

  PROJECT ANALYSIS:  Every problem or goal requires its own thoughtful analysis, clearly constructed objectives, and a tailored solution to create real behavior change. If needed, I’m happy to come in at the start of your planning, and help to identify the best content solutions to really meet your team or organization’s goals, and to play the role of Lead Learning Manager, if that is needed.

🖼  LEARNING DESIGN:  The design stage is where the look and feel of the project is determined. Each learning or content experience should be have a tone, visual look, and intentional feel that matches the learners’ or audience’s specific needs. This blueprint stage acts as a guide for all development and production to ensure a cohesive and effective project is being created – every step of the way.

🖥  LEARNING DEVELOPMENT:  Once a strong plan is in place and the design is carefully thought through, that’s when the fun technical and content creation happens and the chosen solution comes to life. This could be solutions such as an interactive eLearning program, a gamified learning environment, a video project, a simple but effective handout, a podcast, ILT/vILT, a live workshop, or another blended learning approach.

📽  CONTENT PRODUCTION:  If video or audio production is the solution to fit your needs, I’m happy to come in at any stage in the pre-production, production, or post-production process, and guide the project and team through to delivery. Perhaps a vérité or doc style video would be most effective, a simple one-on-one interview setting, a heartfelt or moving story to be told through beautiful visuals, or a podcast episode/series that gets to the core of what your learners or audience really want or need. I am happy to lead the charge from concept through delivery and post-implementation evaluation, too.


●  Learning Methods and Theories:  Experienced in the use of the ADDIE Model, adult learning theories, Mayer’s Principles of Multimedia Learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Kirkpatrick’s Model, scenario based learning, and gamified learning.

  Professional Development:  Instructional Design Gamification Course with Karl Kapp, Scenario Based Learning with Christy Tucker, Action Mapping Training with Cathy Moore, 6-month apprenticeship with experienced Director of Global Learning, Advanced Storyline Courses, several LinkedIn Learning courses, frequent instructional design and professional development webinars, as well as weekly interactive group gamification sessions (my favorite).

●  Production Skills:  Full pre-production planning, client relationship and project management, scriptwriting, location scouting, casting, shoot planning, insurance and safety prep, crew hiring, vendor management, talent contracts, on set directing and producing, interviewing story subjects or subject matter experts (SMEs), and full post-production management, incl. music, sound design, animation, GFX, editorial, finishing, and final record/mix/mastering.

  Software and Technology:  Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise 360, Avid Pro Tools, Audacity, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Office Suite incl. PowerPoint, Google Ecosystem, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Basecamp, Asana, Monday, Coda, MediaPulse, Xytech, Slack, PlusPlus, Docebo, and Workday LMS (Learning Management System).