Course: Informational Interviewing 101

Project Summary:

    • Course Title: “Informational Interviewing 101″
    • Course Length: Approx. 15-20 minutes
    • Responsibilities: Instructional Design, SME/Research, Scriptwriting, eLearning Development
    • Target Audience: Career changers, recent grads, and those looking to be proactive in their career path trajectories
    • Tools Used: Articulate Rise 360, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Snip and Sketch, Canva

This course teaches learners the purpose and process of informational interviewing. It guides them through the most important preparation steps for successful informational interviewing, how to conduct their interviews professionally – bringing both value to them and their interviewees, and how to build, track, and manage their new professional relationships effectively and beneficially post-interview.

After completion of this course, they will be armed with a new set of skills to embark on their career after graduation – or to make a career change and start a whole new one, at any time in their life.

Design Approach:

During my analysis phase of the ADDIE process, I ascertained where knowledge gaps were most prevalent with this topic, and then determined the best learning objectives for my target audience.

In order to reduce cognitive load, I utilized content chunking, complimentary visuals, and intermittent knowledge check activities, which allows for repetition of learning and deeper learning retention.

I created supplementary materials, accessible to learners during and at the end of the course. These tools help to arm and empower learners to move from the setting of eLearning – to implementing their new skills and knowledge into their real lives with ease.

Formative evaluation was done throughout the ADDIE process, and the summative evaluation showed a retention of knowledge from learners who took this course, behavior changes after completing the course, and improved outcomes for learners.

Interactive Learning:

Using interactions such as drag-and-drops, accordions, flip-cards, and click to reveals allowed further interaction for the learners taking this course, leading to a more engaging learning experience, as well as a greater comprehension and mastery of new knowledge and skills.

All Devices Welcome:

The course is also optimized for all viewing settings, and can be taken on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The course automatically loads for optimal viewing on whatever device is best for each learner.

Experience the Course:

➨ You can experience this full course by viewing the project here. This course will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

If you are representing an organization who would like to use this course for your students or members, or have it modified to suit your specific needs, I can be reached at the link above to discuss licensing costs and bespoke options.

I am also happy to provide deep discounts, or completely free if needed, to worthy non-profits or organizations whose mission it is to help the less privileged and oppressed in our society, and those who are working to protect our planet and the precious, beautiful places we all hold dear. I am happy to wrap and deliver the course as a SCORM package to be used directly in your LMS (Learning Management System).

Learner Testimonials:

“After taking this course, I’m no longer intimidated by having basically no network in my new field. I now feel armed and excited to get out there and start using what I learned about info interviewing to make the career change I’ve been wanting! Thanks for a great course. I really learned something.” -D.C.

“This was a robust course. It taught me all the things I should think about, resources I already have, and I feel prepared to really do this now. To be honest, I didn’t even realize info interviewing was a thing! I especially appreciated the thoughtful tips like the “unique facts” suggestion. I’m going to start using that one anytime I’m in a networking setting now, info interview or not! Thanks!” -L.K.

“Wow, I learned a lot in the course that I didn’t know, I didn’t know. Thanks for the great handouts, too. They really made me feel prepared to hit the ground running. And how cool is it that info interviews lead to jobs so much more often? I had no idea. Grateful for this new skill.” -T.J.

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