*Please find a sample credits list of my production work experience below, and some other enjoyable work endeavors (below the credits). Feel free to request a resume or references if you’d like as well. I’d be quite happy to oblige. Thank you kindly for stopping by!  


Director/Producer  – Series of 10 3D Photorealistic Tool Animations and International Marketing Videos – Client: MAP Oil Tools (June 2014 – Feb 2015)

Director/Producer  – Doc Style National Video Project: “Family Businesses – Tabasco” – Client: Mashable and American Express (June 2014)

Director/Producer  – Brand Explainer Video & International Sales Piece – Client: MDM Tool Supply (Apr-June 2014)

Director/Broadcast Producer  – 2 Broadcast Television Commercials – Agency: Calzone & Associates and Louisiana Convention & Visitors Commission/Lafayette Travel (May 2014)

Broadcast Producer  – Cullen’s Playland Spring TV Campaign – Client: Cullen’s Playland (April 2014)

Director/Producer – 3 Broadcast TV Spots “Swing Ninjas” “For Your Eyes Only” “00V7” – Client: Rok Haus Climbing Gym (Jan. 2014)

Director/Producer  – 3D Animation International Marketing Piece – Client: Aluminium Offshore (Singapore) (Jan 2014 – Feb 2015)

Director/Producer  – 2 HD Video Projects – Clients: Tobacco Free Living and the State of Louisiana (Aug – Nov 2013)

Director/Producer  – International Branding Video – Clients: CenTrak and Skytron (July 2013)

Director/Producer  – HD Video and Custom Animation Project – Client: Moncus Energy Group (July 2013)

Director/Producer – Custom Animation Project – Client: Strata Control Services LLC. (May 2013)

Field Producer – “Cajun Paranormal” – Show: National Reality Series for TLC Network – Client: ITV Studios, (Produced but canceled due to similar show airing elsewhere), (Mar. – Apr. 2013)

Field Producer – “BNN Abroad: SSA” – Show: International Travel Show/Series for BNN, Dutch National Broadcasting Network, (Mar. 2013)

Director/Producer – Series of 16 TV commercials (HD Video and Custom Animation) – Client: Chabill’s Tire Traxx (Dec. 2012 – Mar. 2013)

Director/Field Producer – “Prospecting USA” – Show: Scripted Series Pilot (April-Sept 2012)

Casting Producer – Health Spot – :30 TV spot – Agency: Vidox (Sept. 2012)

TelePrompter – Political TV Spots – Agency: Holbrook Multimedia (Sept. 2012)

1st A.D.- Legal Documentary – Client: NDA (Spring 2012)

Director/Producer – “What is AOC?” Non-profit Video Piece – Client: AOC & Cite des Artes (Mar./Apr. 2012)

Scriptwriter – Hoshizaki, International Video Presentation Piece – Client: Hoshizaki (Mar. 2012)

Field Producer – “BNN Abroad: Mardi Gras in Louisiana” – Show: International Travel Show/Series for BNN, Dutch National Broadcasting Network, (Feb./Mar. 2012)

Producer/Co-Director/Editor – “StoryPalooza” PSA’s :30 & :60 – Client: Symphony & Music Conservatory, AOC & Cite des Arts Collaboration (Mar. 2012)

Location Scout – “BNN Abroad: Purity Balls” – Show: International Travel Show/Series for BNN, Dutch National Broadcasting Network, (Feb. 2012)

Field Production Coordinator – “Unusual Suspects: Murderous Intentions” – Show: Network Television Show for Investigation Discovery – Client: LMNO Productions (Jan. 2012)

Location Scout/Manager – “Unusual Suspects: Murderous Intentions” – Show: Network Television Show for Investigation Discovery– Client: LMNO Productions (Jan. 2012)

Script Writer – IceX, Video for National FEMA Presentation – Client: IceX (Jan. 2012)

Producer/Director – Series of 16 Railroad Safety & Training Videos (with accompanying Instructor & Participants Guides) – Client: SGS (Oct.-Dec. 2011)

Grip – Hospital TV Spot, Baton Rouge – Agency: DigitalFX (Nov. 2011)

Art Department – Rouse’s TV Spot – Agency: Vidox (Oct. 2011)

Broadcast Producer – Hospital TV Spot – Agency: BBR Creative (Oct. 2011)

Producer/Location Scout – Political TV Spot, LA – Agency: NDA (Sept. 2011)

Grip – Series of Political TV Spots, LA – Agency: NDA (Sept. 2011)

Grip – “Lafayette Exposed” Reality Show – Agency: Potenza! Creative (Sept. 2011)

Grip – Political TV Spot, Lake Charles – Client: WBRZ Productions (Sept. 2011)

Grip – September 11th Commemorative Video – Client: WBRZ Productions (Sept. 2011)

Production Coordinator – “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” – Show: Reality Show for BBC Worldwide, (Aug.-Sept. 2011)

Grip – Cajun Ambassador Comedy shoot – Client: Arsement Media Group (Aug 2011)

Grip – “Moving to Lafayette” :30 TV spot – Agency: DigitalFX (Aug 2011)

Producer/Director – “Sneak Peek of Youngsville” – Agency: Holbrook Multimedia Group (June/July 2011)

Producer/1st AD – “Pride” ‘These People” “You Could Be Here” “Horses Mouth” 4 x :30 Acadian Contractors TV spots – Agency: Holbrook Multimedia Group (July 2011)

Grip – :30 TV spot with Saints player Randall Gray – Client: Synergy Productions (July 2011)

Jib Operator – “Outrageous Kid Parties” – Show: Reality Show for The Learning Channel (TLC), (May 2011) 

Grip – iPad Integration (Video for Fortune 100 Company) – Client: Synergy Productions (May 2011)

Key Grip – World Conference Introduction (Video for Fortune 500 Company) – Client: NDA (May 2011)

Production Assistant – “Top Gear” – Show: Reality Show for BBC – Client: Sun Never Sets Productions (April 2011)

Field Producer – “Shooters” – Show: Reality Show Pilot – Client: Flying Flounder Productions (Feb./Mar. 2011)

Associate Producer – Cajun Documentary (working title), (Dec. 2010 – Feb. 2011)

Grip – :30 Political Spots (series) – Agency: Arsement Media Group (Jan.-Feb. 2011)

Still photographer – CETCO Training Videos – Client: Vision Video Productions (Dec. 2010)

Host Assistant – “The Opener” – Show: Doc/vérité-style show for the Canadian Food Network – Client: Frantic Films (Oct.-Nov. 2010)

Grip – Judge Keaty :30 Broadcast TV Spot – Agency: Arsement Media Group (Sept. 2010) 

PA – “Storm War” (Formerly “Weather Wars”) – Feature Film: for the SyFy Channel, (Sept. 2010)

Producer/1st A.D. – “Transform the Every Day” National Cinema Spot – Client: Celebration Foods (May 2010)

Director/Producer/Interviewer – “I.C.E. Summit” (Celebration Foods National Summit Video) – Client: Celebration Foods (April 2010)

1st A.D. – “Fake” – Feature Film: Director: Greg Friedle, Producer: Kenneth Del Vecchio, (July-Oct. 2009)

Producer/Interviewer – “Bridging the Understanding Gap” National Piece – Client: Mass Mutual (July 2009)

Producer/Co-Director/Co-Editor – Careers in Energy & Green Jobs – Client: Connecticut Business & Industry Association (2009)

Producer/Director for 200+ doc/verité style video shoots for Motion Incorporated (2007-2010)

2nd A.D. – “Serial Buddies” – Feature Film: Director: Keven Undergaro, Producer: Maria Menounos, (July 2009)

Director/Producer/Writer – “Planet” – Short Film, Boston (2009)

Co-Director/Line Producer/Interviewer – “Breaking Down Barriers” Travelers National EDGE Video – Client: Travelers Insurance (2009)

1st A.D./Associate Producer/B-unit Director – “Kurn Hattin: The Gift of Childhood” Kurn Hattin Homes Fundraising Doc – Client: Kurn Kattin Homes (2007 – 2009) 

Director/Producer – “Manufacturing” Trumpf Manufacturing Video – Client: Trumpf Manufacturing (2009) 

Director/Producer – “Time Will Tell” Celebration Foods National Award Video – Client: Celebration Foods (2009)

Director/Producer – 2 dozen+ Nationally Reaching Educational Videos for The Channing Bete Co., some of which include:

Energy Conservation, 2010

Breast Feeding, 2010

CPR, 2009

Succeeding in Your Job Search, 2009

Quitting Smoking, 2008

Transitioning to High School, 2008

Asthma & Healthy Weight, 2007

Healthy Pregnancy, 2007

1st A.D./Producer – “Opportunities” Fortune 100 Company: Travelers National Recruitment – Client: Travelers (2008)

Grip/PA – “Alzheimer’s Disease: Facing the Facts” – PBS Feature Documentary, Regional Emmy Winner, (2009) 

Director/Producer – “Field of Ice Creams” Celebration Foods video piece – Client: Celebration Foods (2008)

Producer/Co-Director/Editor (Forensics segment) – Careers in Health & Bio-Sciences – Client: Connecticut Business & Industry Association, (2008)

Grip for 200+ doc/verité style video shoots for Motion Incorporated (2007-2010)

Director/Producer – “Time Will Tell” – Short Film: 48 Hour Film Project, Boston (2008)

Producer/Assistant Director (creative)/Assistant Editor/Writer – Careers in Engineering – Client: Connecticut Business & Industry Association (2007)

Assistant Broadcast Producer/Producer – 300+ Nationally reaching TV & Radio spots, some of which include:

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Hug (AdAge Best Spot 9/06) – Agency: Arnold (2006)

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Chicken Ladies (Starring Mindy Lee Sterling) – Agency: Arnold (2006)

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Wrapper  – Agency: Arnold (2006)

Assistant Producer – McDonald’s Spot Fence (Starring the Williams Sisters in partnership with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) – Agency: Arnold (2005)


1st Acadiana Adventure Festival: Founder, Producer, Executive Director (October 2012 – April 2013)
*The 1st Acadiana Adventure Festival was a community event I founded and produced, celebrating organizations that make people’s lives just a little more full, fulfilling or just more fun. It included food trucks of all sorts, live music, a guest speaker and 100’s of raffle give-aways, from airplane flying lessons to full on adventure packages. Some of the organizations I partnered with included S.C.U.B.A. diving organizations, martial arts, kayakers, SUP paddle-boarders, sky-diving groups, filmmakers, belly-dancers, musicians, rock climbing groups, swing dancing groups, swimming, sportsman/outdoorsman activities, cycling, tai chi, language groups, roller derby, adult group sports teams, etc. I closed the evening by showing an adventure film outside under the stars, that was currently making the rounds on the current festival circuit: Reel Rock Tour. All proceeds from my event benefited the local cancer hospital: Miles Perret Cancer Center. It was A HUGE amount of work, outside of my normal work commitments, but very rewarding and a blast for those that participated. 
The Lafayette Swing Dance Society: Executive Director (October 2010 – April 2013)
Cajun Ninja: Event Producer (October 2013)
*Cajun Ninja was a little but fun event I produced with Rok Haus climbing gym for the community. We created an obstacle course for teams of all ages to come and compete, or just try their hand at the fun, various components of the course. We also had some cool prizes, and even had a little zip line. (Here’s our little invite video and a (long) and silly video of the course). 
Acadiana Center for the Arts: Film Curator, Producer & Host (December 2010 – May 2011) 
The Station: Art House Cinema Series: Founder, Film Curator, Producer & Host (November 2010 – September 2012)
*The Station was a mini-art-house cinema series I founded in 2010, with full community events and local business partnerships. I brought to the public a mixture of foreign films, documentaries, classics, indies (some fresh off the festival circuit) and just damn-good filmmaking. I also produced events such as our Local Artisan Night where we had a fair with local artisans selling their wares, entertainment, food, the works (and of course a great film), Bike-In Movie Night (which was like a drive-in movie event, but much cooler) complete with hot local food, our large biking community, homemade film-themed gelato from a local gelato master, bike-related raffle prizes and a full sky of stars overhead, among several other great events. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.